E-Mentoring against Digital Illiteracy (E-MAD)

Name: e-MAD
Responsible: SEJ-535
Funding: University of Granada
Beginning and End Dates: 2020 - nowadays
Population: Adults in a situation of continued unemployment
Location: Granada

Summary: The program aims to increase the appropriate use of new technologies by unemployed or socially and economically vulnerable people. The program is in the implementation phase and results are not yet available.

Institutions: SEJ-535, Fundación Contra el Hambre, Guadalinfo Center of Diezma and the regional addiction treatment centre of Loja.

Hervás, M., Tallón. S., Colmereo, M. J., & González, N. (2019). Propuesta de intervención en el ámbito no formal: mentorización del analfabetismo digital. En M. El Homrani, D. E. Báez Zarabanda & I. Ávalos Ruiz (Coords.), Inclusión y diversidad: Intervenciones socioeducativas (pp. 1–8). Praxis.