About us

The EducaciónSÍ Foundation is an initiative of the research group SEJ-535 "Education, Evaluation and Entrepreneurship" of the University of Granada, composed of an interdisciplinary team of education professionals and technical staff and volunteers, committed to improving the quality of education, promoting Evidence-Based Education (EBE) as part of the structural reforms needed by our education and research system.

The EducaciónSÍ Foundation is born at a time of crisis due to the consequences that the covid-19 pandemic has had and continues to have on society and the economy, particularly in the health and education sectors. In education, for example, it has been necessary to improvise a model of distance or blended learning for which neither the institutional or family infrastructures nor the educational agents were prepared or trained. To date, in our country, there has not yet been a rigorous evaluation of the impact that this crisis has had on the curricular learning and development of our students and on the professional development of teachers. However, this situation can be reversed as is being done in other countries. We can help our young people, their families, and teachers to recover the accumulated deficits by adopting and implementing evidence-based programs in and out of school hours.

At Fundación EducaciónSí we monitor networks, research centers, and related publications to identify, share and transfer those results that allow us to advance in our objectives of production, dissemination, and use of evidence in education and educational policy.

Innovating from the Evidence towards a More Effective Education