Our Plan

Our main strategy focuses on enabling education professionals to improve their knowledge of those effective educational practices, programs, and policies that have proven to be effective, as well as their access and implementation with the greatest fidelity possible. To accomplish such a task, we do the following:

  • We stay in permanent contact with our direct target population, which is composed of teachers and other education professionals, including institutional decision-makers.

  • We engage in a constant dialogue with our indirect target population, made up of the students of the different educational stages and levels.

  • Furthermore, we also prioritize the production, dissemination, and adoption of evidence-based programs in the core curricular areas of reading, mathematics, social-emotional learning, and digital education.

  • Our brokering education service entails needs assessment, programs research design, implementation, and evaluation, to results dissemination and celebration.

  • We generate a steady cycle of updating and improvement in our processes with the participation of every agent involved.

Closing the Opportunity Gap