Francisco Fernández Martín
Francisco Fernández Martín

Francisco Fernández Martín is a tenured professor in the Department of Developmental and Educational Psychology at the University of Granada.

For almost 16 years he has been teaching in Higher Education and has implemented several innovations and research projects related to the improvement of the quality of Education. He has extensive experience in the implementation of public program evaluations; research studies and evaluations in the field of education, with special attention to entrepreneurship education; multilingual education; civic-community engagement (peer learning and service-learning); inclusive education, and response to diversity (counseling and guidance services, special educational needs, bullying and education of the elderly); and in the formulation and use of qualitative and quantitative methodological approaches, including extensive experience in field data collection in challenging environments. He has developed curricula, training manuals, and operational guidelines for educators and technicians, including public agencies and regional governments. His background is multidisciplinary and innovation-oriented. He has participated in national and international research projects (competitive proposals), contracts, and collaborations with institutions, professionals, and projects in the United States and Europe.

The result of this experience is his publications, which include 50 articles, 26 of them indexed in major international databases (e.g. WOS, Scopus), 14 books, 35 book chapters, and more than 130 papers in international and national congresses and conferences on topics such as entrepreneurship education, multilingual education, civic-community engagement and inclusive education and response to diversity.

Francisco Fdez. Martín