Gracia Jiménez Fernández is a tenured professor at the University of Granada in the Department of Developmental Psychology and Education of the University of Granada, and Head Researcher of the group HUM-1049 PsicoNEAE (Evaluation and psychoeducational intervention of specific educational support needs).

She began teaching in 2005 in subjects related to the attention to diversity and currently teaches the subject "Learning Difficulties" in the Degree of Primary Education. She has participated in national and international research projects focused on the study of the process of acquisition of written language in normotypical populations and in students with difficulties. She has numerous publications including articles in high-impact journals, two written language assessment instruments, manuals, and numerous contributions to conferences.

Currently, her main research interests are focused on the development of evidence-based intervention programs with the aim of responding to the needs of students with educational support needs.

Gracia Jiménez Fernández